Carry Your Nintendo Switch Around in This Handmade Sheikah Slate Case

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With the Sheikah Slate being one of the most crucial items in Breath of the Wild, it’s no surprise that it has inspired plenty of homemade merchandise.

This handmade case is sold at Etsy store Nerdy Pixel Stuff. Based in Doboj, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Nerdy Pixel Stuff co-owners Dominik and Ivana build awesome, handmade, video game-inspired backpacks. Their Sheikah Slate is handsewn and made of imitation leather, with inside lining and a closable zipper. This pack can be attached to your belt and is perfect for carrying your Nintendo Switch, along with other items such as keys and wallets. 

A closer look at Nerdy Pixel Stuff’s Sheikah Slate-inspired Nintendo Switch case.

I know that the special and master edition bundles for Breath of the Wild include a Sheikah Slate-inspired carrying case. However, this one significantly cheaper than either of the bundles or the individual cases sold online. In my opinion, imitation leather would be more comfortable to carry around while you adventure with your Switch by your side anyways. 

Aside from their Shiekah Slate, Nerdy Pixel Stuff sells a Traveler’s Shield-inspired backpack, as well as a Banjo Kazooie one. They also accepts custom orders, for those interested in another kind of backpack. What are your thoughts on Nerdy Pixel Stuff’s Sheikah Slate and other cool items? Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear. 


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