Biggest Trolls in the Legend of Zelda Series

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Let’s face it, the Legend of Zelda series is absolutely brimming with unique and peculiar characters. Almost every entry seems to have its own fair share of oddball characters, ranging from a downright nasty Hand in the Toilet, to the fan hated wanna-be fairy, Tingle. There is no shortage of Zelda characters that most would find odd even on their best days.

However, this article is not meant to focus on these so-called weirdos. Rather, we would like to focus on some of the Legend of Zelda series’ most annoying and troll-like characters. This article will take a look at three characters that seem to serve no other purpose in life but to troll the heck out of Hyrule’s most famous hero.

3. Kaepora Gaebora

Kaepora Gaebora

Kaepora Gaebora is Ocarina of Time’s most frustrating and pointless character. Seemingly placed within the game to irritate gamers, this owl has become an icon for aggravation within the Legend of Zelda series. His long-winded dialogues are filled with no-brainers and information that is not helpful or necessary. To top things off, Kaepora Gaebora likes to catch gamers when they are not paying attention by sneaking in a sudden “Do you maybe not possibly need me to potentially not repeat the 5 minute speech I just gave?” Fans are often caught button mashing to get through his text as quickly as possible, but end up getting caught-up by his question and being forced to listen to the entire narrative once more…or twice…or forever.

2. Sign-Loving Subrosian

sign loving subrosian

The Legend of Zelda series seems to attract a lot of fans who see themselves as 100% completionists. The quest is not over until every single heart piece, bug, shell, trinket, etc. has been obtained. The Oracle games on the Gameboy Color stands out as one of the hardest titles in the series to accomplish this feat due to the abundance of Magic Rings that are found throughout both of the “linked” games. One of the possible rings to acquire is called the Sign Ring. Not only is the process of obtaining this ring obnoxious, but the end-result is terrifying and a pure example of being trolled.

There is a Subrosian resident who lives within the village whose house is called the Sign-Loving Subrosian’s Home. Talking to this guy reveals that this Subrosian really, really loves signs. He keeps track of the number of signs that Link has broken during his quest. Upon Link’s breaking of 100 signs, he will become infuriated and decides to punish Link. The game then flashes back to the title screen and for a brief moment appears as if the save file has been erased. As your heart begins to drop with rage and regret, the scene returns to the house and Link is given the Sign Ring as a reminder not to break any more signs. What a troll!

1. Zelda from Skyward Sword

zelda pushing link off cliff for a kiss

Legend of Zelda fans love to write fan fiction imagining Link’s potential romantic relationships. An obvious partner for our green-garbed hero is his continuous “damsel in distress” Zelda. For 25 years the series’ creators have never implied any kind of real relationship to the two iconic characters. Then Skyward Sword came out, and Link and Zelda were finally on some kind of real personal level of a relationship. While the two were not openly romantically involved, there were a lot of awkward narratives implying some kind of deeper level of feelings.

There is one particular scene, near the beginning of the game, where fans finally thought Link and Zelda were going to seal the deal. While on top of the Statue of the Goddesses, Zelda closes in on a stunned Link, seemingly getting ready to give the lad a kiss on the lips. Then, out of nowhere, she pushes him off the cliff with the misdirection of the century. Way to make things awkward Zelda! And way to troll the hopeful romantics of the Zelda community.

What did you think of our list of Legend of Zelda trolls? Do you agree that these characters are the absolute worst of the series? Which other characters do you find to live for the troll? Let us know in the comments.


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    I thought #3 made sense, saw #2 coming, but #3 was surprising.

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      Had to throw in a surprise for you :) Hope you enjoyed our article