Beedle’s Shop: Amiibo Collection

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OHHHHH! A customer! Welcome to Beedle’s Shop! I deal in pretty much anything and everything! Despite these dangerous times, you’ll find me traveling all over Hyrule to fulfill your shopping needs. I’m sure I have something you’ll find useful! Please have a good look! My inventory is full of a wide range of customized amiibos. 

Item sold by PixelCollieCrafts on etsy.

Outset Island Link Amiibo: This amiibo is of a dear old customer of mine. Mm back when I first started my business. This guy was pretty handy with a boat. Now he’s a legend of Hyrule! Yes, indeed! Have you heard of him? This item goes for 56.95 rupees and its the last one I’ve got!

Item sold by CustomConquestStore on etsy.

Deku Link Amiibo: This amiibo comes from a land far away! (That’s what that odd salesman told me anyway.) He looks a bit sad, ya think? I can’t quite put my beetle on it but he looks familiar… OH! Nevermind me! This item goes for 65 rupees and its the last one I’ve got!

Item sold by ThePixelatedCrafts on etsy.

Hylian Hood Link Amiibo: This amiibo is a big hit in Hyrule! This adventurer is a sight to see. I watched him take down a whole guardian all on his own! WOW! He’s not much of a talker. So mysterious. This item goes for 26.35 rupees and I only have two left in stock!

Item sold by TheGameChangers on etsy.

Bokoblin Amiibo: OHHHHH! You have a keen eye. Surely you recognize these brutes. Bokoblins are troublesome but seeing one this small is just simply endearing. OH BOY! These guys have put me in quite a bind more than once. Luckily none of them can defeat me and my Beetle Bag! This item goes for 40 rupees and there are plenty left in stock!

Items sold by SideRealArts on etsy.

Gold Series Amiibos: BUY! BUY! These are my gold series amiibos. These three are the Chosen Hero, the Princess of Destiny, and even Ganondorf himself! These three have held the fate of Hyrule in their grasps since the very beginning. With every battle follows peace and so the cycle has always been. These go for 24.99 rupees and we’re running low on stock!

Thanks for the business! Bye! Come again!


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