Aonuma Considering DLC for Future Zelda Games

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DLC, or downloadable content, has become a stable feature in today’s gaming industry. While Nintendo has been a bit slow to embrace this concept, it seems they are not totally opposed to bringing DLC to some of their bigger franchises. Mario has already begun to get additional content, and perhaps the Zelda series is not far away.

In an interview with Nintendo Life, Aonuma said the following,

We’re certainly looking at different ways to add on content that would enhance the experience for the user – maybe more places to explore or just to enrich the experience beyond what is on the disc. But we also have to take into consideration that if we charge for this content then it needs to be worth it for the user. So it’s certainly a balancing an act, but I can’t say that it is something we’re not considering.

I personally would love to see some additional content added post-release of my favorite series. Do you share this sentiment? Let us know in the comments.


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