A Link Between Worlds Walkthrough

A Link Between Worlds Walkthrough
Thanks for visiting our A Link Between Worlds Walkthrough page for the Nintendo 3DS. This walkthrough will be a complete 100% guide for everything from the game’s main quest to its side-quests. This A Link Between Worlds Walkthrough will include a highly detailed text based guide with images to assist you along the way.

A Link Between Worlds comes out in November. Until then, please bookmark and share this page. We will begin adding the A Link Between Worlds Walkthrough once the game has launched in the States.

zelda link between worlds walkthrough

A Link Between Worlds comes out on November 22, 2013 for the 3DS. According to interviews with Eiji Aonuma, this game will allow gamers to complete dungeons in any order they so desire. This gameplay element will cause the walkthrough to be more of a general guide, and less than a verbatim walkthrough. We will have links to the various dungeons in the game so you can browse and get guides for specific areas of concern.

There is no need to feel bad about using a strategy guide to beat the upcoming Legend of Zelda title. Walkthroughs and guides are great for when those mind-blowing puzzles have you stumped for hours. Rescue Princess Zelda and save both Hyrule and Lorule with the assistance of our Link Between Worlds Strategy Guide.

A Link Between Worlds, like many of the older and handheld Zelda titles, follows a top- down perspective of gameplay. This game, unlike its predecessors, includes stereoscopic 3D graphics powered by the 3DS. The top screen is used for actual gameplay, while the bottom screen is used for quest statuses, equipment, maps, and etc.

While the overworld is very similar to A Link to the Past, all of the game’s dungeon designs are brand new. Nintendo has even designed some of the dungeon areas to utilize the 3DS’ 3D effects to highlight puzzles and obstacles. Many items from A Link to the Past are making a return for its sequel, including but not limited to; bow and arrows and the Magic Hammer. New to this game is a self-recharging magic meter, similar to the energy meter in Skyward Sword.

Of course the most notable change to the series within this game is Link’s ability to enter walls and become like art or a drawing. When Link enters a wall the camera angle will shift allowing gamers to move him along the walls to reach new areas. This new ability is also noted to allow Link to enter cracks to the other dimension of Lorule.

The game’s original box-art featured a Nintendo Network logo which made many speculate that A Link Between Worlds would include some kind of online play. This icon has since been removed from newer iterations of art.

A Link Between Worlds takes places after the events of A Link to the Past, but the developers have noted that this Link is not the same one that defeated Ganon in the Dark World. A Link Between Worlds is the first addition to the “Sealing War” timeline since the two Oracle games were released onto the Gameboy Color.


Like A Link to the Past, A Link Between Worlds features another world, parallel to Hyrule. This other world is known as Lorule. Inside Lorule is a whole other kingdom that seems to mirror Hyrule in some way. There is a new female royalty known as Princess Hilda who seems to be aware of Link by some means.