5 Legend of Zelda Bosses that Should go 3D for Zelda Wii

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Several classic Legend of Bosses have made the transition from 2D to 3D. However, there are still many bosses in the series that have failed to reach this milestone.

This article will go over the top 5 Legend of Zelda bosses that we feel should be put into their respective 3D counterparts.

#5 Thunderbird
thunderbirdFor those of you who have not played The Adventure of Link, this boss may not ring a bell. However, Thunderbird was the final palace boss of AoL and was quite the foe. Thunderbird would fly around the room shooting a constant barrage of fireballs at Link. To deal damage to Thunderbird Link had to cast the Thunder Spell to reveal his weak spot.

Since his defeat in The Adventure of Link, Thunderbird has been missing and has not made an appearance since. With this in mind, we think that Thunderbird deserves a chance to be in a 3D game and would make an excellent boss in the upcoming Zelda game for the Nintendo Wii.

#4 Onox
onoxGeneral Onox, from the Oracle of Seasons was one of the most interesting boss fights from any of the Zelda games. Onox’s final dragon form was so huge that he took up the entire screen and had to be fought from a side view.

Though he was defeated and killed in The Oracle of Seasons we could still hope for a 3D re-incarnation. However, this is not likely to ever happen as he is pretty much an Oracles only boss.

#3 Aquamentus
aquamentusAquamentus is another boss from the original Legend of Zelda game that deserves to be redone in a 3D format. Since The Legend of Zelda he has only appeared in one other Zelda game and a brief cameo in the cartoon series.

Imagine a giant unicorn-like dragon beast shooting fireballs at you…but in 3D!!In our opinion, Aquamentus would make a great  boss for one of the easier dungeons of Zelda Wii.

#2 Helmasaur King
helmasaur kingThe Helmasaur King, from A Link to the Past was one tough introduction to the Dark World and I personally found him to be the hardest boss of the entire game. This gigantic armored beast sported a huge tail which he would use like a whip. The Helmasaur King would also shoot a series of fireballs at Link which would break apart and fly in several directions.

Now, this was hard enough on a 2D platform in A Link to the Past. So imagine what a great boss fight this could be in 3D. With the Wii Motion controls, Nintendo could also implement some kind of system to shake the Wiimote to dodge the Helmasaur King’s whip-like tail.

This is certainly one boss fight that would be much better in 3D.

#1 Vaati
vaatiVaati is one boss that absolutely had to be on this list. Vaati,was the main villain of the Four Swords series and is personally one of my favourite enemies of all time. Vaati would port over perfectly into a 3D game and Nintendo would be wise to give Vaati another chance.

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  • Passingthrough

    How about we get new bosses and not recycle so much stuff from older games?

  • Jei

    I have to agree, new bosses would be better. They said they want to make it perfect. Perfect would be new content, not recycled.

    That being said, I'm a sucker for the Dodongo King, but I'd be happier without him being there and just replaying OoT or Oracle games.

  • Tim

    Nintendo doesn't have to use the exact bosses, but one very similar. These bosses could be new, but have similarities to older bosses. Thunderbird could be an easy adaptation for Zelda Wii, as could Aquamentus. Nintendo has done this before, and could be done with some fan favorites.

  • Lando

    yes yes new content is good and all, but one or two returning bosses wouldn't make the game a rehash. I would be dissapointed if the bosses and enemies in the next Zelda were all new with no familiar faces in sight.

    That said, This list needs Horsehead.

  • farore

    I agree, specially with thunderbird, I love that boss, I remember I had some difficulties to defat that foe.

  • Ciaran

    That's completely wrong , where are the bosses from Ocarina of Time of Majora's Mask?!

    • Dark Link

      Now that would make no sense. The article is about bosses that should go 3d. Not bosses that are 3d