The Legend of Zelda Bathrobe Review

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Merchoid has recently come out with a Legend of Zelda bathrobe for all you diehard Zelda fans. Looking for something to warm you up after a nice cold shower? Look no further than Merchoid’s Legend of Zelda bathrobe, whose comfortable interior will surely get the job done.

The bathrobe is 100% polyester and is incredibly smooth. In contrast to my standard bathrobe, there is not even a comparison — Merchoid’s bathrobe wins hands down. The colors are reminiscent of a forest, keeping in line with a Zelda-style color scheme. The robe itself is dark green with a brown outlining, with the sash of the robe being brown as well. On the back of the robe is a golden version of the Hylian Crest, plain as day for all to see.

legend of zelda bath robe

What is most surprising is just how soft the robe is. It keeps me toasty even when it’s freezing. Merchoid did a fantastic job not only crafting a magnificent robe, but one that would live up to the Legend of Zelda legacy of quality. It is one of the most impressive robes that I have come across, and albeit that number is not many, the robe stands out as the most comfortable of them all. Cosmetically, the only problem I have with it is that the golden Hylian Crest doesn’t really match the forest-themed color scheme. It helps distinguish that the robe is in fact official Zelda merchandise, but it feels a bit off. Nevertheless, it doesn’t take away too much from this magnificent product.

Merchoid’s Legend of Zelda bathrobe is a must-have for any Zelda fan. It not only shows off the franchise in top-notch fashion, but it also stays true to many of the themes found within the series. The color scheme is excellent, and most of all, it is incredibly comfortable. If you are a diehard Zelda fan and are looking for something to warm you up on those cold nights, look no further.

You can currently purchase Merchoid’s Skyward Sword bathrobe here for a discounted price of $59.99. It is available in both medium and large sizes.


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Morgan Lewis is the Managing Editor of The Hidden Triforce who received his undergraduate degree from the University of Florida in Family, Youth, and Community Sciences, specializing in Youth Development. He was first introduced to The Legend of Zelda in 1992 when he got a A Link to the Past for Christmas and has been hooked on the series ever since. You can find him on Twitter @morgan_j_lewis.